TcT: Off the Rails ft. Bealuct

The Sound is so goddamn bad jesus christ

On this week’s Theorycraft Tuesday Proud and Ursi are joined by special guest Bealuct! We’re covering all the regular stuff: our week in dota, new meta shifts regarding supports, the history of doorknobs, Jakiro as a mid, 4 suppoer & 5 support hero pools swapping around, Treant Protector trending, tempered chocolate, and plenty more! For the game this week we played 3 Sand King, 4 Phoenix, and 2 Alchemist!

TmT: Mid Pools & Techies Apologism

On this week’s Teach Me Thursday Bee and Ursi are trying their absolute darndest to talk about Dota 2 despite an onslaught of fantastic tangents! For the bulk of the show we’re covering Bee’s continued experience as a blossoming mid player, building up her mid pool to be as robust as necessary but not spread too thin, and troubleshooting some of her troublesome match-ups! Then we’re answering questions around Mjolnir’s place in item builds, dealing with all those darn child Invokers, how to efficiently manage your emotional currency when met with dota fools, and what to do when you’re a techies who is trying their best to be a team player!

TmT: Melting Minds & Melting Mids

TmT: Melting Minds & Mids On today’s Teach Me Thursday (or Friday), Proud goes over Bee’s recent dota games. After quite a long break, Bee has returned back to dota on the hottest day of the year, playing Bristleback & Queen of Pain rather than the usual support heroes. They discuss item builds on Bristle and how to generally be a tanky lad and then they go over a successful QoP mid game and discuss the entire laning phase and how it could have been improved.

TcT: DK is a Boomer ft. Magnus & Kunkka

On this week’s Theorycraft Tuesday Proud and Ursi are talking about splitpushing, AM trending, new Ember Spirit builds, Invoker, learning complex heroes, core Silencer’s potential, map/game changes that incentivize splitpushing, and plenty more! For the game this week Proud plays mid Kunkka for the first time while Ursi plays 5 support Magnus!

TcT: Thinking Man’s Dota ft. 1 Slardar 3 Pangolier

On this week’s Theorycraft Tuesday Proud and Ursi think deeply, or at least try to, about their preconceived notions regarding item builds, hero choices, and plenty more in light of their recent games and the new patch 7.22e! We also cover our personal patch highlights, our past Week in Dota as always, and plenty more! For the game we try out a super interesting 1 Slardar build Proud picked up and is working on while Ursi attempts to get back into his good pal Pangolier but is met with roadblocks.

TcT: Learning from Losses ft. Storm Spirit & Naga

On this week’s Theorycraft Tues….day (?) Proud and Ursi are talking through their successful weeks in dota while learning from a loss in their game this week! Topics include: Magnus, new Slark builds, Dark Willow, Dazzle, Hats, What to do when your lane is going haywire, Ursi’s hairbrained talent suggestions, and plenty more!

TcT: Item Rituals & Farm Plus ft. Bristleback & QoP

On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi give you valuable dota advice and slightly-less-valuable-but-still-important life advice. Topics include: maximizing farm when you’re already getting full lane farm, battlecup success, Proud’s exploration of mid, what to do when you have too many itemization options, optimizing tankiness, and plenty more!

Sorry this came out late, I decided to do nothing instead of do something so that’s the reason. Also all the stuff we use to publish had a bunch of updates so if anything’s not working right let me know I refuse to ever double check myself.