Growing as Players ft. A2K from WeLikeDota


On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday (Monday) Proud and Ursi have Arian, A2K, from WeLikeDota on the show! Some topics include: Optimizing turbo dota, Learning new heroes, growing as players both mmr-wise and personal skill-cap wise, Arc Warden, Vengeful Spirit, learning new positions, burning through the compendium jungle challenges, ridiculous Medusa cheese comps, Snapple, and plenty more! For our match we ended up choosing 3 Pudge (A2K), 4 Lich (Ursi), and 1 Lycan (Proud) to play out of our palettes! You can find all the WeLikeDota podcasts on or wherever you get your podcasts normally!

TcT: Full Frontal Disclosure ft. WLD Charlene!


On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday we’re continuing the We Like Dota partnership project and having Charlene, BabyBokChoi, guest and help us out! We’re talking all about her Dota philosophy, how she got started in podcast, and plenty more! Our palettes end up with us playing Aghs Luna, Axe, and Leshrac!

TmT: Special Episode w/ Sam from We Like Dota!


On this week’s special Teach Me Tuesday Bee and Ursi are joined by Sam, ThePlaidPirate, from We Like Dota! Other than our general dota chat, we’re focusing on the transition phase from late-early game into mid game, our tumultuous relationships with Dota, Undying’s existence, and plenty more! We also got a very interesting question about the back-end of podcasting that we dive into in detail! All this and more on this week’s show!

Long Hours at the Factory ft. Naga & Leshrac


On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are jumping right into the new compendium, basking in its glory, and enjoying those sweet rewards! We’re also covering our last week in dota, as usual, and establishing some new pick palettes to work off of! For the game we played 5 Leshrac with 1 Naga and had a great game with a really excellent team comp!
We’re also announcing an upcoming special program with We Like Dota where we guest on their shows and they guest on ours for the upcoming few weeks! All the same content, just with a few fresh voices!

TcT: Sack Boy and Lava Girl ft. Drow Ranger


On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are winning Dota 2 and figuring out why! Proud’s super hype on Drow Ranger and is teaching us all the nuances he’s figured out in the last week of playing her and teaching us how to establish our current state of farm and judge where to go from there itemization and strategy-wise! Ursi is playing Winter Wyvern and Witch Doctor in our games tonight and chatting over who he thinks is the worst hero in Dota right now (it’s PA)! All this and more on this week’s show!

TcT: Annoyed to Death ft. 3 Wraith King


On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi get all tangled up with a bunch of noble, brave skeletons. For our Week in Dota we talk about Battlecup blunders, Sven carry, Mars’ overpowered-ness, Jenkins killing our pubs with 4 Sniper videos, and plenty more! On a rare pro-Dota segment we cover the whole T2/T3 caster controversy as well as the recent EternalEnvy drama! All this and more on this week’s show!

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TcT: Schrodinger’s Highground ft. Dark Willow & Ursa


On this week’s Theoyrcraft Thursday Proud and Ursi do all the regular things we do, including chatting about our Weeks in Dota, a segment on the current Carry pool, and a combination of Dark Willow with a hero of Proud’s choosing which ended up being Ursa! Some other miscellaneous topics include: Kunkka, Omniknight, Juggernaut, Weaver, 4 Leshrac, and Ursi’s Battlecup with the We Like Dota folks!

TmT: The Internet is Just Smoke Edition

Translator’s note: this was recorded saturday so patch discussion will come thursday, ya mook.


It’s a return to form for Teach Me Tuesday with Beedub and Ursi! This week we’re chatting about Bee’s short-term return to Dota despite her complete lack of internet at the moment, Ursi’s ups-and-downs in Dota, flirting in Assassin’s Creed, how the internet actually works, attack speed vs. attack damage, when to buy small items on supports, how to get back into a hero you think is bad, Korean proverbs, and more!