TcT: Schrodinger’s Highground ft. Dark Willow & Ursa


On this week’s Theoyrcraft Thursday Proud and Ursi do all the regular things we do, including chatting about our Weeks in Dota, a segment on the current Carry pool, and a combination of Dark Willow with a hero of Proud’s choosing which ended up being Ursa! Some other miscellaneous topics include: Kunkka, Omniknight, Juggernaut, Weaver, 4 Leshrac, and Ursi’s Battlecup with the We Like Dota folks!

TmT: The Internet is Just Smoke Edition

Translator’s note: this was recorded saturday so patch discussion will come thursday, ya mook.


It’s a return to form for Teach Me Tuesday with Beedub and Ursi! This week we’re chatting about Bee’s short-term return to Dota despite her complete lack of internet at the moment, Ursi’s ups-and-downs in Dota, flirting in Assassin’s Creed, how the internet actually works, attack speed vs. attack damage, when to buy small items on supports, how to get back into a hero you think is bad, Korean proverbs, and more!


TcT: Stealing Valor with Oracle & Mars

On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi do all the regular stuff! We’re covering our week in dota on both familiar and unfamiliar heroes, leading up to a segment all about the do’s and dont’s of playing unfamiliar heroes for the first time, and plenty more! Our hero combo this week is Oracle support paired with Proud’s newly refined Mars build!


TmT: The Ballad of Sad Neil

On this week’s Teach Me Tuesday Bee is still dota-deprived so we do a mix between a Dota show for the first half(ish) and a casual show for the second half! Other than Dota, our casual show topics include: how none of us know how plants work, Bee’s new job, Cats & Ladders (the alternative to Chutes and Ladders), Al Gore inventing the internet (which is a series of tubes), an incredible tale of Proud’s Kenshi storyline, boogie boards, and plenty more!


TcT: Mars, The God of Dentistry  

On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi are exploring the wide new world of Mars, with its rugged landscape, cartoonish muscles, dead rovers, and beautiful pearly whites. We’re covering first impressions, builds, trends we’re seeing so far, what his ideal role is vs. what he’s passably playable in, and plenty more! Some regular dota conversation as well after an exciting week for both of us!


TmT: 7.21c Patch Note Review

On this week’s Teach Me Tuesday Ursi and Bee attempt to return to normalcy but are interrupted by a surprise patch note release and do a review of that instead! We’re covering the major buffs, major nerfs, trends, our deep-seated personal problems, our hopes, dreams, why movespeed is king, solving world hunger, and everything else in the course of just 80 minutes.


Title: Learning by Losing ft. Viper, Midases, and 3 BH

On this week’s Theorycraft Thursday Proud and Ursi set out to do one thing, and end up learning a whole lot about something completely different! Our segment revolves around the prevalence of midas, why you’re seeing it so often, when it’s strong vs. when it’s not, and the math behind it all! For heroes we played support Phoenix with mid DK, but we end up focusing on the mid Viper we ran into for the most part, because their build and play was a real treat to learn from!