TmT: Meedub Loves Micro (+ Patreon Updates!!)

On this revitalization of the true Teach me Tuesday format, Zac and Bee mourn the cancellation of The International’s Sweden venue, along with their impending homework assignments from the new Patreon tiers. Topics include: visa struggles in Sweden, the new executive producer tier, micro heroes, micro hotkeys, micro micro, reversing Beedub’s losing streak, mid players giving up without last pick, why supports are played core more than cores are played support, favorite and least favorite spells, and the best (and silliest) Aghs upgrades, and no more!


EDITOR’S NOTE: I can’t believe these cohosts of mine don’t believe in Tidehunter Aghs…. I’ve failed as a friend & as a host of the podcast and I pledge to do better in the future.


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