TmT: Barely Coherent Edition

On this week’s Teach Me Thursday Bee and Ursi are doing their absolute darndest to discuss the video game Dota Two, but might die in the process. Topics include: New Valve conduct patch, Smurf Ethics 101, Kunkka mid, Legion Commander, Pick vs. Counterpick, Smoking when you’re in solo queue, Drum, Valve communication improvement (?), and plenty, plenty more!

TcT: Lycan Aghs Fan Club Meeting #1 ft. Tusk & Drow

On this week’s Theorycraft Tuesday Proud and Ursi are revealing themselves as Lycan Aghs Appreciators(tm) and also discussing many other, but ultimately less significant, things. Some topics include: Nightstalker, Keeper of the Light, Ignuus Fatuus combos, Legion Commander, Witch Doctor lanes, resetting waves at-will, Enchantress 3 team comps, more developed analysis/theorizing around Freight Train Dota, Tusk, Drow, and plenty more!

TcT: Coursing With Ideas! Freight Train Dota! 7.22G Theorizing

On this week’s Theorycraft episode Proud and Ursi get deep in the weeds of the seemingly-small-but-actually-huge 7.22G and how it’s going to change the overall game as well as their personal picks! We’re discussing new heroes we want to try, how we want to play them, what we want to play them with, and so, so much more. Other topics include: Legion Commander, Bristleback, Winter Wyvern, Gyrocopter being the only carry anymore, whether Alchemist is officially dead or not, Windrunner, Timbersaw, and plenty, plenty more! In the game we play 1 Nightstalker and 5 Undying!

TcT: One Item Up! ft. Gyrocopter & WW

On this week’s Theorycraft Tuesday Proud and Ursi barrel into the end-times of the current patch and forsee a bright future in which Alchemist is slightly less annoying, Enchantress is reworked, the Arctic ceases to melt, and we’re all One Item Up on our opponents. Topics include: Patch predictions, Alchemist, Ursi picking Techies like the scum he is at heart, Winter Wyvern, 5 stack growth, map movements, shot calling, throwing games at Roshan, and plenty more!

TmT: Closetted Dota Players Anonymous

On this week’s Teach Me Tues..Thur…Saturday Bee and Ursi talk about getting outed at work as Dota players, holiday Dota, Alchemist, Lifestealer, tilting in pubs for no reason, mixing-and-matching builds to optimize, OD, dealing with Medusa mid matchups, developing push comps and/or deciding whether your comp can push effectively (and how they may or may not do that), and plenty more!

The Underlords Underground: New Show?

Hello! We have a new fortnightly/monthly Underlords show! Bee & Proud play a game to chat about for this episode. Bee goes for Brawny, Warriors & Hunters with a dash of Warlock, Heartless & Troll on the side. Proud builds a Savage, Druid & Primordial team. They also discuss an item, a hero and an alliance as the second segment of the show, which this week is; Embarrassment of Riches, Tiny, & Scaled. Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions!


On this week’s Theorycraft Tuesday Proud and Ursi break TI wide open, analyzing the drafts from the final three series and picking apart their nuances! We’re also covering some of the general TI trends, hero choices, and more; in our Week in Dota segment we cover Kunkka, playing & improving with a new 5 stack team, OD safelane, draft traps, Alchemist, Tusk, mid matchup results, and plenty more!

TcT: Sifting for Clams ft. Carry Io

On this week’s Theorycraft Tuesday Proud and Ursi are covering plenty of excitement from this past week in dota, including all the wildness TI brings this time of year! Our main segment is a feature on Midas’ place on carries, and other topics include: Carry Io, some of our duo queue pubs, practicing team play, clams, witches, Tiny, Winter Wyvern, Puck, and plenty, plenty more!