Gamer Lessons

On this week’s podcast Bee, Ursi, and Proud gather around the gamer campfire to tell stories of progress and growth. Topics include: which dota characters would wear the most cologne, the ESI For All Podcast, Bee’s trip to Germany, hero difficulty relative to game balance, Sniper, Lycan, Grimstroke, lessons we’ve learned from gaming, communication, soft vs. hard skills, LAN parties, and much more! 


[Reupload] The Universal Hero Conundrum

Something happened idk sorry

On this week’s return to the proper show Proud and Ursi cover a whole lot of Dota topics, including the new update, Lycan builds, and more! Then we get off topic and discuss game design, vocabulary, summer break, spanish, WoW, and so much more!


Forgot, you normally upgrade the echo also but I had to go a weird build cause of omni. 


I Want to Diadem – Dota 7.33b Patch Review

On this week’s podcast Ursi, Proud, and Zac discuss the new mini-patch 7.33b and some observations after their experiences playing this long-awaited update! Topics include: Medusa, neutral camp routes & farming pattern changes, the changing nature of gold balance on teams, twin gates strategies, ranking of the new map elements, Phantom Lancer, hero trends overall, blood grenade, the Universal Role adjustments, diadem, waveclearing supports, harpoon, things to look out for, and much more!