Be Poor or Whatever

On this week’s show Zac, Ursi, and Proud get fully involved with 7.32b and test out a variety of heroes, builds, items, and more. Topics include: Clinkz, Windwaker, Slark, Invoker, Death Prophet, Proud’s PC, downloading RAM, Witch Doctor, Skywrath Mage, the Battle Pass, Tiny Aghs, farming against global teams, Travels 2, Primal Beast, and much more!
It was my fault for not noticing tiny didnt go blink, just to be clear here


Sports For Nerds (feat. Neph, Jenkins, Sunsfan, Tsunami, and Purge)

It’s about family, and that’s what’s so powerful about it. Zac takes on Arlington with a series of live audio logs and interviews on the scene with some incredibly special guests. Join him to hear the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the first NA tournament in 6 years!







Editing this one was very difficult, please let me know if something is broken.


Bouncy Hunter

On this week’s show Ursi and Proud are covering the Arlington Major a bit, especially the unpicked heroes, and much more. Topics include: Dark Willow, Void Spirit, Invoker changes, buybacks, Witch Doctor, Winter Wyvern, unpopular heroes, Bounty Hunter, Phantom Assassin, Witch Blade, the 6k+ item tier, hero spammers, Shadow Fiend, and much more!